Is It Better to Adopt An Adult Cat Instead of A Kitten?

Want a pet cat but do not know whether to get a cat or a kitten? There are advantages to getting a grown cat as a pet, but of course, one of the biggest disadvantages is that you will miss out on all the cuteness and adorable factors of a kitten that a grown cat does not have.

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Little kittens are definitely the most fun pets to own, and even more so if you have children around. Kittens are like children, energized and full of curiosity. These balls of fur can run and jump around the house, and skid on floors just like your children can, and attacking things that have movement, even yourself! How adorable is that?

Of course, there would be a minority of people who would not welcome this behavior at all, and these people might not think that kittens are the least bit adorable. Cats, after a certain stage, will slowly become less active; and become more reserved animals, with a sense of calmness about them. They become less playful and mischievous.

  • The Pros:

    Looking at an adult cat before adopting it, you will know what you are getting, as an adult cat is already fully grown. Its body, size and shape, color and behavior will not change, and it is what it is. Whether or not it is active, or loud, shy or quiet, you will know when you meet it. Therefore, you can decide on the spot whether if it is suitable for you, and you are also able to tell if the cat accepts your company and shows interest in you.

    Adult cats are generally easier to care for, as opposed to kittens. Not many people looking for pets want to get adult cats, as most would prefer kittens and seeing them grow up. Therefore, you are actually saving its life, as most adult cats that do not get adopted are usually put to sleep.

  • The Cons:

    Now that you think an adult cat is well trained and well behaved, you would d be surprised to find out that common problem cat owners abandon their cats is that the adult cats do not resort to using litter boxes. This problem is not apparent when you pick out your pet. Although not using the litter box may seem like an excuse to put a pet into a shelter, finding out first hand that a cat urinates all over your house can be very maddening.
    At the end of the day, most people decide that they rather keep the house intact than the cat. If that little problem has changed your mind about getting a cat, do not let it. These problems are only behavioral, and it can be changed and corrected with some more proper training. Most good breeders and shelters are rather honest, and they will tell you as much as possible about the cat you are interested in, about its behavior, attitude and personality.

    Therefore, if the cat has a problem they will probably disclose it to you. Hence, chances are you would not be ending up getting a cat with problems, as these are rather noticeable issues that breeders and shelters won’t miss.

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